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Vancouver, WA

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Windshield Replacement in Vancouver, WA Performed by Fast Specialties

As you drive around, chances are high that your windshield will eventually get some minor rock chips and cracks. This is no surprise because your windshield is often pelted with pebbles and debris kicked up from the road. You can ignore chips if you want, but leaving them can compromise the durability of the entire windshield. Over time, chips can spread and form cracks that weaken the glass and can be dangerous to drive with. Auto glass repair is currently performed at our Dick Hannah Auto Detailing location at the Vancouver Auto Mall.

To get your windshield replacement, we are able to perform this service at Dick Hannah Vancouver Auto Body Shop! Our certified technicians have the tools, materials, and expertise necessary to replace cracked glass on your car. We’ll change your windshield to an OEM replacement so it’s road-worthy once more.

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Windshield Replacement Near Me

In the modern day vehicle, even windshields have become much more advanced than they used to be. Many vehicles come equipped with defrost in the glass, built in antennas, and even rain sensors. Auto glass is no longer just a piece of glass. Calibration is also necessary for all modern windshields to properly maintain the Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS). The good news is, we have experience with all of these technologies and have the right equipment to repair or replace it properly. Whatever your stock (OEM/Original Equipment Manufacture) glass came with, the replacement auto glass will have all of the same features and function exactly the same, as well as look the same.

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